We uniquely navigate the complexity of data management and model training, transforming cutting-edge AI/ML concepts into practical tools for business growth.


Full stack AI

We help customers with the entire lifecycle of their AI/ML transformation.


Model development and training

We meticulously design and train AI models, transcending beyond mere proof-of-concepts to create solutions that deliver real-world impact. Our process involves a deep understanding of your business needs, followed by rigorous data gathering, data cleaning, precise annotation, and the application of advanced machine learning techniques. We ensure that the models we develop are robust, scalable, and adept at handling your unique business challenges, providing you with intelligent insights and automation capabilities.

Product integration

Coriolis excels in seamlessly integrating future-forward AI capabilities into your existing software systems. Our expertise extends to Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Data Analytics, providing transformative business insights. We marry these capabilities with your product landscape, paving the way for your software solutions to not just evolve, but lead in the era of intelligent computing and decision-making.

ML Ops

Drawing on our extensive experience in enterprise software development, Coriolis brings advanced features such as fault tolerance and scalability to the deployment of your AI models. We harness the power of industry-leading tools like Kubernetes and Spark to create a resilient, high-performing environment for your AI solutions. Our deployment approach guarantees reliable, high-performing AI solutions, ready to scale and integrate seamlessly into your enterprise infrastructure.

AI Verticals

Navigate the complex and fast moving pace of the AI world with trustworthy expertise.


Generative AI

With a new LLM being born every other day claiming to replace some or the other industry, the landscape of generative AI has become extremely cluttered and noisy. With our expertise, we help you separate the wheat from the chaff and leverage AI to your specific needs.

Computer Vision

Our computer vision expertise includes real-time object detection and tracking, precise face recognition using clustering techniques, and developing systems for face similarity search and object tracking. We have fine-tuned ML and DL models like Google-net, Alex-net, and VGG-net for scene recognition. From AI-based surveillance to image analysis, our solutions harness the power of deep learning to extract valuable insights from visual data, empowering businesses with enhanced security and data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Data Analytics

Our data analytics expertise empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions with confidence and agility. Leveraging big data technologies such as Apache Spark and Elasticsearch, we have built scalable and fault-tolerant infrastructures for video stream analytics. Our data analytics solutions also include image metadata analysis, anomaly detection, and recommendation systems. Some diverse examples include time series analysis on stock option chain data and automatic speaker identification from audio data. Whether you need real-time data processing, visualizations, or predictive analytics, our data analytics capabilities can help you harness the full potential of your data for business growth and efficiency.

Our Products

Here are couple of products that were developed in-house.



VidiQulus uses AI to identify faces and objects for security and inventory management respectively, replacing manual processes for efficiency.


AI-Powered Test Case Generation

Revolutionize test case generation with AI automation, minimizing human effort and errors while ensuring comprehensive coverage.