As early adopters and contributors to the virtualization ecosystem, Coriolis is well placed to help businesses leverage the power of the cloud.


Product Development

Empowering businesses with tailored cloud product development, designed to meet your specific needs and goals.


SaaS-ify your product

Empower ISVs to transform host-based software into SaaS for seamless integration with public clouds and popular marketplaces like Amazon.

Cloud-based products and solutions

Expertise in crafting tailored cloud-based product stacks for diverse use cases, including securing cloud storage with encryption, key management, data migration etc. Proficiency across major cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and cutting-edge container technology like Kubernetes.


Navigating Cloud Excellence: Expert Consulting for Seamless Transformation.


Cloud Migration

Effortlessly migrate on-prem production stacks to the public cloud with comprehensive end-to-end services. We deploy, maintain, and test your applications across various cloud platforms, ensuring containerization/kubernetes readiness for microservices, seamless DevOps, and scalable SaaS stack deployment using infrastructure as code.

Infrastructure Management

We also help customers to manage in-house infrastructure in a cost effective way, by migrating their existing servers into a private cloud.