Our engineers have designed, built, and maintained mission-critical storage solutions used by the Fortune 500.


Product Development

Experience across the entire storage stack is rare to find. Leverage it to your advantage and create future ready storage products.


Kernel components on UNIX and Windows

Rare engineering expertise in core kernel development for major UNIXes (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX) and Windows. Our senior engineers boast cross-platform proficiency, including contributions to the VERITAS cluster file system.

Architect storage solutions

We have created complete solutions from scratch for file serving, backup, replication and other use cases, not just once but many times over. We have a good idea of what works, and more importantly, what doesn't. We have delivered storage solutions as host-based packages, soft appliance CD images, virtual appliances and even as web apps.

Leverage open source

Our approach: Embrace open source for standard components, focus on differentiating features. Cut costs and time-to-market. Ideal for prototyping and new markets. Expertise in handling licensing complexities for integrated components.

Performance and Quality

We oversee and execute precision engineering to optimise storage product performance and quality.


Performance Engineering

As highly experienced storage engineers, our team has a keen eye for performance bottlenecks. We help your product perform better by helping to identify potential bottlenecks, architecting solutions around such problems and running exhaustive tests.

Quality Assurance & Automation

Our engineering team delivers automated test suites for complex software, developed using Python and shell-scripts. Coupled with a sound understanding of the entire storage stack, we develop and automate comprehensive test beds for customer products.